If Not Now, When?

In this era of excess and accessibility, we’re constantly striving for more. Grinding at the gym, burning the candle at both ends at work. Often we can be so busy working towards a future goal that we’re not taking care of ourselves in the present moment.
A great man once said:  “If not now, when?” We encourage you to take advantage of the present it is after all the greatest gift we have. Time is our most precious asset. The moments of your life are racing by far faster than we realize. At the end of our lives we won’t be memorializing all the time we spent working instead we’ll recall all the precious moments with friends and family. Coming together to share in the joy of embracing the present.

Embrace The Current Moment

Kitty Cat Now Miami invites you to spend some time making memories with the people you love. Preserving the current momentum together in the ultimate show of your affection with a riveting Erotic Strip Show! Tonight bond yourself as brothers under the banner of your chosen family. The guys who will remember a night like this forever! Sexy Strippers will enhance the evening to epic proportions making you feel so excited it’s like catching lightning in a bottle! As if Zeus himself granted you a mere mortal the power to move Heaven on Earth for one night! With the aid of our Kitty Cat Strippers™, we can provide a sumptuously sexy experience of your wildest dreams!

Kitty Cat Now Makes You The Star of The Show!

Whether it’s a chill night in with the guys or an Outrageous Bachelor Party all eyes are on you! Kitty Cat Now Miami Creates the type of experience where all the attention and adoration is on the guest of honor. The main event engages your whole party as they’re riveted by a series of Erotic Games and parlor tricks. Scintillating Strippers to dote on your every whim albeit another drink or an intoxicating Lap Dance. Prioritize this party when will you be in a room with all these people again it’s imperative to go all out. Create the ultimate memories tonight with your best friends! We must take reign of our own lives and carve out our destiny. You only live once take advantage of the here and now with Kitty Cat Now Miami! Give us a call or book online today!

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