Easter Bunny Strippers Make the Candy Better

Easter is just around the corner in Miami. What does that mean to you? Does it conjure up images of family gatherings, egg hunts for the kids, and an interminable wait until you can relax and grab a beer? It doesn’t have to. There’s a way you can heat up your Easter celebrations – an Easter Bunny stripper makes everything better, even the stale candy in those plastic eggs.

Why Consider an Easter Bunny Stripper?

Why should you choose an Easter Bunny stripper for your celebration? Exotic dancers have a long, torrid history with holiday celebrations, and Easter is a perfect opportunity for a little adult entertainment. Who says it has to be all-white dresses, pastel colors, painted eggs, and family get-togethers?

An Easter Bunny stripper is a great option to turn this traditionally boring holiday on its soft, furry ear. Imagine the scenario. Instead of watching as children already hyped up on sugar go tearing through the yard hunting for the candy and eggs you so painstakingly hid, you’re in your man cave, beer in hand and friends at the ready.

The music swells and the lights dim, and there she is! Complete with a tiny white bikini bottom and a genuine set of Easter Bunny ears. Slowly, the music rises and your Easter Bunny stripper makes the day a little bit better

Want to spice things up a bit? Instead of putting money into her garter belt, tuck it into plastic Easter eggs and let her take the whole basket when she goes. Want some other props to consider?

  • Easter candy
  • Flowers
  • Bunny ears for the attendees
  • Adult beverages

With a little creativity, you can throw together an Easter party that will rival your Super Bowl get-together.

A Long History of Strippers and Holiday Celebrations

For too many men (and women), strippers are relegated to clubs only. However, the truth is that they dance outside those clubs, and they have a very long history of helping people turn bland holiday celebrations into something they’ll remember for years to come. Easter is one of those holidays that you might not think about in relation to strippers, but the truth is an exotic dancer could be the perfect addition.

Ready to turn up the heat on your Easter celebration? Now’s the time! At Kitty Cat Now Miami, we have a portfolio of incredible exotic dancers, and all of them would love to help you turn your chaste Easter gathering into something more adult-themed.

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