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Have you been wandering the seas of monotony looking for a shining beacon in the darkness? Kitty Cat Now Miami is your lighthouse! Do you or your friends have a glorious boat that just aches to be filled by Bodacious Bikini Babes? How about a deep-sea fishing excursion that could be enlightened with a few of our Sexy Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers in tow?

Beautiful Babes In Bikinis Unfortunately We Don’t Provide The Boat

We offer a series of excellent packages like our 4HR Boat/Yacht parties for upwards 4-6 Girls or a seductive 3 Girl Fantasy Show. The possibilities are endless! However, the question we were asked quite often is “Do you Provide the Boat?”
Unfortunately, that answer is No. As we maintain in our signage that ‘We Bring The Party To You’ going to your party’s in the confines of your home or vacation rental that also correlates to Boat Parties.

Kitty Cat Now Sets Your Mind at Ease

With aid of Kitty Cat Now You can set your mind at ease while we create a sumptuously sexy boat party. What could possibly be better than the wind in your hair, the Glorious Sun, and all the privacy one could ask for. All there’s left to do is simply let go and enjoy without any wanton glances from other vessels. When you have Our  Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers Aboard it’s all smooth sailing! Give us a call or book online today to make your next boat excursion into Bikini Babe Heaven!

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