Throw the Best Yacht Party Yet with our Yacht Party Packages

It doesn’t get much better than a yacht party, especially when you do it right. Whether you own a yacht or you rent a yacht for the weekend, it’s the ideal place to bring together some of your closest friends for a great time in Miami. What could make the party even better, though, is hiring some of the most beautiful women in the area to come and entertain.

How to Plan Your Yacht Party

First things first. You need a yacht if you don’t own one. Fortunately, you can often find rentals for the day, a weekend, or longer. Once you find a yacht that allows for pool parties, it’s time to put together your guest list.

If you’re going to have adult-style entertainment, make sure that everyone on your guest list is going to be up for that type of party. Let them know there will be strippers, so it’s not a surprise. You don’t want to invite people who are going to haul their kids along with them.

Next, consider the type of music you will be playing and whether the yacht has a good sound system or if you will need to provide your own. Put together a list of songs that will cover the length of your party and then some. Also, keep in mind that it’s better to download the songs rather than trust that you’ll get good enough service to stream them on the day of the party.

What sort of food are you going to have? Food can help to make or break a party. Finger foods, sandwiches, and platters of fruit, meat, cheese, and crackers can work well for a yacht party. You could also have food catered and delivered or picked up before the party starts. Have an array of drinks, as well. This includes cocktails, beer, soda, and plenty of water, so everyone can stay hydrated.

What about the entertainment? Good food and friendly conversation are great, but you need something more if you want to make your party memorable. At Kitty Cat Now Miami, we have some great options for yacht parties. You can choose two, three, or four-girl shows, each of which will last for four hours. Additionally, you could hire topless or nude waitresses to serve food on the yacht. It’s sure to be an unforgettable time no matter what you choose.

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