You Can’t Go Wrong With Pool Party Strippers

In American culture, certain items naturally fit together. Peanut butter and jelly. Hamburgers and hot dogs. Cheese and crackers. And pool parties and strippers in Miami.

Imagine the scene for a moment. Jumping into a pool loaded with floats and high-powered water guns. You can take turns helping to keep the strippers cool because being a lifesaver is in your blood.

Seriously though, there’s a massive list of pool party games to put together to really make your stripper pool party memorable. Consider the following list of in-pool and pool-side activities.

Stripper Pool Party Games

If you haven’t been afforded the luxury of playing these pool games with a stripper, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Beer Pong

  • This is generally done outside of the pool, but it could be done in the pool if you play your cards right. If you have a float that’s trusty enough with a nice sturdy surface, you can definitely take beer pong into the pool for an epic round of this great American classic.

Pool Football

  • No pool session with strippers is complete until you’ve had a proper football game. Full-contact, of course.


  • We all played this game as kids in the pool. Something tells us that there’s more to be experienced playing it with strippers, especially if you’re Marco.

Bartending Strippers

If you’re more into quiet poolside activities, you can just relax by the pool and have the strippers bring your drinks. Afterward, bring out the barbecue for some of your favorite smoked meats and grilled treats.

There is one thing better than pools and strippers. It’s pools, strippers, and grilling. There’s one more activity we were fortunate enough to brainstorm. This one might take a little more planning and some additional materials, but it’ll be well worth it.

Final Tip

The best possible way to enjoy the fun by the pool with strippers is by renting a dunk tank. We’re not sure of their prices, but they can’t get too expensive, right? At first, we were thinking wet t-shirt contest but wanted to take it next level: strippers, beer, grilling, a pool, and a dunk tank.

The most challenging part of this day is going to be allowing it to pass. If you need quality strippers for a memorable party like this, there’s only one place to source the ladies. Kitty Cat Now Miami has hottest entertainment for all your party needs. From pool parties to graduation parties, Bachelor Parties, too hot birthday strippers, we’ve got what you want.

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