The Bachelor Party Isn’t Just for Men

Did you just get nominated for the best, best man of the year? No? Do you want to be? Kitty Cat Now Miami is here to help you make your upcoming Bachelor party not only iconic but also historic! How can we help you make your bachelor party historic, you ask? Well, by adding in a bit of sugar and spice, and all things nice.

Lets Make History Together

It is no secret that times are changing. We, as a society, are more open to non-gender specific conformity than anyone could have ever expected just one generation ago. Most people hoped for tolerance, but that wasn’t good enough for us. Instead, we had to kick those barriers down, and we’ve damn neared broke those iron doors off their hinges! So, how does this help make your party more historic? Simple. Invite all of your friends to the party, and let’s show the world what the new face of bachelor parties is going to look like.

Nearly Everyone Truly Loves the Beauty of the Female Form

What happens when you go to a museum and see all the naked sculptures? Most men shy aware from the male nudity and flock to the female models. Women, on the other hand, tend to evaluate beauty in both, equally. This is something that we have seen growing up from our time in school into adulthood. So, why would you think that men are the only ones to have a good time going to a bachelor party? I mean, you’ve seen just as many women as men inside of restaurants like Hooters, so what’s the big deal? Where’s the love guys?

Women Kiss and Tell Less Than Men Do

Suppose you’re worried about some of the girls running off to tell your spouses about what happened at the bachelor party. Well, don’t. Women are less likely to narc out what happened than men. Why, you ask? Self-preservation! One guy at a bachelor party will inevitability tell his wife or girlfriend what went on and how he didn’t participate to score some bedroom brownie points of his own. Women, on the other hand, tend to come into these situations with a Vegas-style mentality. What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas.

If you want to host an iconic yet historic bachelor party, then Kitty Cat Now Miami has everything you need to make this party one that you will never forget. Contact us today, then start inviting everyone you know to the Bachelor party of the century!

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