It’s Still Hot In Miami Keep Your Night Sizzling With Sexy Strippers

It’s still hot in Miami keep your night sizzling with Sexy Strippers! Have you ever dreamed of a city such as this where every texture, every color, leaps out at you? Where every fragrance is a drug. The air itself is something alive and breathing. Miami is absolutely intoxicating it seeps into your pores and explodes on your taste buds. You’re wholeheartedly a part of this living and breathing city that even as a tourist you feel instantly a part of its rich culture.

Miami Brings The Heat

The heat in Miami is penetrating it takes hold of you and before you know it you’ll take full advantage of all Miami has to offer! Whether it’s a series of Bikini-Clad Strippers on your chartered yacht, Sexy Atmosphere Models at your Miami Pool Party, or a 2 Girl Lesbian Show at your vacation rental. Kitty Cat Now has all the Miami Moves to keep your party absolutely sizzling!

Kitty Cat Now Packs Quite A Punch

Kitty Cat Now packs quite a punch for your Miami Bachelor Party! Whether it’s an intimate gathering of friends or you’ve invited the whole squad we’ll provide an epic experience for you. We specialize in Sexy Bachelor Parties, pool & yacht parties! A sizzling Miami Party is exactly what you need to set apart this trip for years to come! A party planned with Kitty Cat Now will live on in Infamy! To keep your Miami Party absolutely sizzling give us a call or Book Online today!

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