Incorporate Kitty Cat Now Into Your St Patrick’s Day Party

Incorporate Kitty Cat Now Miami Into your St Patrick’s Day Party! St. Patrick’s Day is the celebration for the Patron Saint of the Irish who tirelessly chased all the snakes out of Ireland. History paints a different picture simply by shifting all those Druids and Pagans into ‘Snakes’ slithering away to the Baptismal font. In modernity, St. Patrick’s day is renowned as a tribute to excess of green beer, Guinness, and Irish car bombs. One of the most celebrated annual festivals in the world. An incredibly special time of year where everyone abandons their differences and unites under a common nationality – the Irish! Kitty Cat Now Miami invites you to discover our treasure underneath the rainbow!

Create A New Tradition

There are many traditions that honor such a revered holiday but what we truly celebrate is the inclusivity on March 17th. everyone is Irish! Any destination can go Green at an Irish pub on St. Paddy’s Day. Many of us have a slew of lurid memories from previous celebratory bar crawls but it’s important to switch things up to ensure this year stands out from all the rest. Kitty Cat Now invites you to keep your expectations high for an incredible experience! Imagine getting together with just the guys to revel in scintillating Strippers! Whether your Bachelor Party falls on St. Patrick’s Day or it’s simply Guy’s Night incorporating Sexy Exotic Dancers creates the ultimate celebration. Imagine a tantalizing 2 Girl Erotic Show from alluring Erotic Dancers!

Revel In The Revelry

Adapt yourself to the infinite complexity that is the perfect St. Paddy’s day celebration! Before a day of drinking it’s imperative to observe the most important meal of the day. Luckily with the aid of Kitty Cat Now, we have two sumptuously sexy options guaranteed to start your morning off running! Either our Boobs & Bacon (2 Girls) or Tits & Toast (1 Girl) packages are the perfect variations to spice up your morning! Whether you’d like a traditional Corned beef and cabbage or a simple over easy with crisp bacon. Our beautiful and exquisitely Nude Strippers will cook breakfast for your St. Paddy’s pregame meal completely Topless! It’s quite simple you provide the groceries and cookery needed and we’ll arrange a bevy of Bodacious Babes! Give us a call or Book Online today to ensure your St. Patrick’s Day festivities have that extra sizzle to really get your day started right, with Kitty Cat Now Miami!

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