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Kitty Cat Now’s Guide to the Perfect Summer Party!!

It’s Summertime and the living is Easy. Those sweet summer ray’s are the perfect invitation for an epic experience! At Kitty Cat Now we’re of the belief any occasion is the perfect time to have a party! Do you have a few buddies over? Well that’s the perfect opportunity to turn the heat up a notch with a call to your favorite local and trusted Kitty Cat Now Strippers! At the mere touch of your fingers you can have a Hot, Sexy and Fully Nude Strippers at your door with ease and very little forethought!

If you’ve always Consider yourself quite the entertainer throwing memorable BBQ’s and backyard blowouts for all your nearest and dearest. Now only to just simply sit and watch these beautiful summer days go by the sidelines. Have you considered the simplest solution by Spicing things up with an epic Backyard Party? A Party that whispers of the freedom of the hot sun, cold beer, tawny skin and bikini clad.

Kitty Cat Now can make all your Backyard BBQ Party Fantasies a Reality! Our Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers will Show up in the skimpiest Bikinis imaginable. But at your Party it’s their goal and complete desire to lose their tops! Give Us a call or Book Online today to make your Ultimate Pool Party fantasies a reality with Kitty Cat Now!

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