Boobs & Barbecue

At Kitty Cat Now Miami we’re of the mindset that men are most impressed by the simple pleasures in life. The faint wafting of burning charcoal permeates the backyard, a cold beer, sunshine, and of course boobs! Can’t leave that out! Otherwise, your backyard barbecue will turn into an actual sausage fest. Let’s not make the menu more meta than it needs to be guys! The best way to ensure your barbecue doesn’t go stale is to incorporate some serious eye candy! The kind of girls that like the best barbecue sauce sweet and smoking hot!

Afternoon Delight

If you truly want to mix up your kickback engaging Exotic Dancers are needed to make the perfect recipe. Heightening the energy and ambiance of your event ten-fold! Are you guys pregaming before you go out for the night? Just grilling a few brats and burgers before you really turn up. Liven the mood by turning your sausage fest into a more appropriate setting with Boobs & Burgers! Our Sexy Strippers will serve beer, burgers, and brats completely Topless! These charismatic Kitty Cat Strippers™ are truly a feast for the eyes and an excellent way to amp up your barbecue!

Pregame And Save The Day

The afternoon sets the tone for how your evening will play out. When your Bachelor Party may spread out in several different directions that night, the afternoon will bring you together. Who is to say where you all might end up later on? A simple barbecue can bond you together as brothers when you incorporate Topless Waitresses to spice it up! Tantalizing temptresses to dole out drinks and snacks to your thirsty guests. A little forethought can turn your quick lunch into an afternoon delight! Book your Pregame Topless Waitresses and save the day!

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