Are you Naughty or Nice?

Book your holiday party strippers with Santa’s sexiest helpers!

The Holiday season is teeming with possibilities. As the years pass, we realize that the true meaning of Christmas is being with the people that mean the most to us. While there’s many ways to prove our love in tangible ways; jewelry for your significant other and toys for your children, how does one share in the spirit of giving to your closest friends? Your buddies, the gang, your squad; the group of guys you’ve grown up with. Whether it was from adolescences or after college when you did in fact consider yourself ‘grown up’.

Your best friends deserve a holiday party the red-blooded American male can really sink his teeth into. This year surprise your friends with some hot tight bodies from our sultry strippers. Whether you’re naughty or nice Kitty Cat Now will provide Miami’s sexiest Santa’s little helpers! Make sure there’s lots of mistletoe around you might catch our voluptuous Kitty Cats™ at just the right time! You might even witness them engaging in the wildest behaviors with Toys they got to open and play with early!

This year plan an event that is the culmination of all your precious years of friendship, the pinnacle of achievement amongst friends. enjoying getting wild lap dances with your closest buddies as you make Merry and cheer on in the excitement of the holiday spirit. Make this year count with Miami strippers

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