6 Ways to Elevate Your Labor Day Party

Most Americans love a good patriotic holiday in Miami. If you include a BBQ or picnic, everyone is sure to want to attend. One of the most exciting holidays toward the end of the summer is labor day. It’s a time to eat, drink, and remember everyone who has worked so hard to make this country what it is today.

If you’re throwing a big labor day bash, you want to be sure the guests remember it for years to come. Keep reading to get some tips to elevate your labor day party.

Consider a Pool Party

As summer comes closer to an end, a pool party with some sexy strippers could be a fun way to ring in labor day. If you already have a pool, this option is a complete no-brainer. Invite all your coworkers and friends to have a great time diving into the water

Think About Fireworks

While most people reserve fireworks for Independence Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t set some off at other times. Labor day is another great option to celebrate with a few fountains up in the sky. Bring out the leftover firecrackers and have some fun.

Host a Movie Night

Summer is often a time for outdoor celebrations but that doesn’t have to be the case for your labor day party. Consider holding a movie night where guests bring along their favorite film. Or set up a projector outside and combine it with a picnic or plate of BBQ for the attendees. What better way to host a movie night, than have some topless waitress, serving you cocktails and popcorn?

Do a Round of Gaming

Even more backyard fun can be had if you bring out all the fun games. Set up a game of cornhole to see who wins. Try a Giant Connect 4 board to get everyone excited. Or just grab some balls and have an evening of impromptu sports for you and your pals.

Hold an Eating Contest

Another fun way to spice up labor day is by hosting an eating contest. Make it a truly American event by using hotdogs. Both adults and kids will have fun chowing down on a good that nobody is going to pass up.

Just Add Strippers

No matter what kind of celebration or party you’re hosting, adding strippers or exotic dancers is a great option. Hire as many as you want in whatever costumes you desire and ramp up the excitement. Choose the hot strippers from Kitty Cat Now Miami

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